New Alu Alloy

Author:Shanghai Yika Addtime:2017/6/28

Over 70 years ago, the Aluminum Association established the wrought alloy designation system through its Technical Committee on Product Standards,which was adopted in United of America in 1954.  3 years later, the system was approved as US nation standard H35.1. This designation system was officially adopted by the International Signatories of the Declaration of Accord in 1971 and became an international designation system.  In the same year, Standards Committee H35 on Aluminum Alloys was authorized by the American National Standards Institute, with the Association serving as the Secretariat.  The Association has served as the major standard setting organization for the global aluminum industry ever since. The alloy registration system is currently managed by the Associationí»s TCPS.  The whole process, from registering a new alloy to assigning a new designation, takes between 70 to 90 days. When the current system was originally developed in 1964, the list included 75 unique chemical compositions.  Today, there are more than 530 registered active compositions and that number continues to grow. That underscores how versatile and aluminum has become in our modern world. 


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