Largest Single Use

Author:Shanghai Yika Addtime:2016/8/1

The largest single use of aluminum is in the transportation industry (28 percent). Car and truck manufacturers like aluminum and aluminum alloys because they are very strong, yet lightweight. Companies are using more aluminum products in electric cars. These cars must be lightweight in order to conserve battery power. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler have all announced advanced new car designs in which aluminum products will be used more extensively. Aluminum producers also plan to make a wider variety of wheels for both cars and trucks.

Twenty-three percent of all aluminum produced finds its way into packaging. Aluminum foil, beer and soft drink cans, paint tubes, and containers for home products such as aerosol sprays are all made from aluminum.

Fourteen percent of all aluminum goes into building and construction. Windows and door frames, screens, roofing, and siding, as well as the construction of mobile homes and structural parts of buildings rely on aluminum.

The remaining 35 percent of aluminum alloy goes into a staggering range of products, including electrical wires and appliances, automobile engines, heating and cooling systems, bridges, vacuum cleaners, kitchen utensils, garden furniture, heavy machinery, and specialized chemical equipment.

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